Julie Curry Photography LLC

4302 Lincoln Rd
Indianapolis, IN   46228


E-mail: jcurryphoto@gmail.com


Julie was born and raised in Indianapolis and is a life long Hoosier. She has been a professional photographer for over 18 years, and has extensive experience with wedding photography, family photography and capturing theatrical performance. She is also a huge fan of travel and architectural design.

Julie's love of photography began when she was very young. In fact, she was in elementary school when she received her first Polaroid camera. She was hooked! Julie would spend hours looking through photo albums, getting a kick out of seeing herself as a child, and seeing her parents and what their life was like before she came along. "I loved what a photograph captured," she said. "The time, the memory, the emotion and the connection to each other." From a very early age, Julie knew it was important to capture those memories and milestones.


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